Some glimpses of 'Old Coggeshall' from our postcard and picture collections










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Gardner's dray in Bridge Street, c1900


Territorial Troops on Grange Hill, 1912



Single furrow plough near St Nicholas' chapel, 1900


Flooding in Bridge Street, 1912


The ford at Stephen's bridge, 1905


Lower part of Church Street, 1895



Church Street, showing the 'Padlock', 1900


'The Lamb', Tilkey, ready for the 1935 Silver Jubilee



'Blowing bubbles' at Robin's brook in 1906


Stephen's Bridge prior to 1912



Men from the Warwickshire Regiment outside their billet in East Street, prior to going to France in 1915. Not one survived!


Moores, the local bus company, with their donkey cart float for the celebrations of the Silver Jubilee in 1935



Hare Bridge in West Street, 1910. The tall chimney in the background belongs to J.K. King, the  seed grower   The chapel of St Nicholas in Abbey Lane. The motor bike, with woven sidecar belonged to a local basket maker.


Situated at the top of Church Street, it is now called Coggeshall House. This view is early 1950s.

  This view of East street is dated 1917. The view is little changed today.



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